Bayesian Network Domain Explorer

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The primary use of this software is to semi-automate the construction of dependency networks (Bayesian networks) from a domain ontology knowledge base. The domain ontology specifies what concepts are dependent on others, so it is not neccessary to know a priori what they are. When users select concepts of interest, the tool automatically creates network nodes and arcs in a graph object and displays the network topology, among other things (described in more detail in the About tab).

Visual Analytics

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The goal of the visual analytics project is to create easily accessible interactive tools for visualizing complex datasets to ease data processing, identify patterns and/or data inconsistencies, and perform graphical modeling and statistical analysis.

Intelligent RT Chart Verification

In this project, we seek to build a decision support tool to perform automated radiotherapy chart checks using a combination of 1) external rules, 2) data transfer verification, and 3) probabilistic reasoning.

Tracking patients through processes

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This is a minimal, proof-of-concept html/javascript based webpage which incorporates drag and drop among containers representing process steps. (adapted from DTHMLGoodies)